Germano Angelo Barolo D.O.C.G. Bussia – vineyard in Monforte d’Alba 2015


On view: deep intense garnet red.

Nose: complex, ample, with scents of small red and black fruits, balsamic and menthol notes, that leave space to floral and spicy notes. This is a wine of extraordinary elegance and its aromas with the years evolve in scents of goudron and undergrowth.

Palate: Barolo of the great structure, a good alcoholic concentration, with strong tannins able to guarantee long-lasting ageings, persistent in the mouth with a pleasant sensation of balance while tasting.

It’s advisable to pour the wine into decanter at least one hour earlier and drink it at 18-20° C temperature.


Gastronomic combinations: It’s perfect by matching it with rich dishes of the cuisine of Piedmont, oven-baked red meats, stewed fowl and braised meats such as “rabbit al civet”; excellent with courses based on white truffle. It’s great to match it with cheeses of medium and long-lasting ageing. After a few years of ageing, it expresses its remarkable potentialities also sipping it as a wine of meditation.






In the center of the village are the buildings that saw the birth of the company Germano Angelo. The house in Via Roma, owned by the Germano family since 1936, housed the Albergo Svizzero on the upper floors between 1800 and the early 1900s (as evidenced by photos of the time), while the cellars on the lower floors housed the CANTINA SOCIALE DI BAROLO with attached bottle shop. Now in those rooms, restructured maintaining the exposed bricks and the chimneys, there is the GERMANO wine shop and the rooms of the Casa Svizzera agritourism. The part that was the first winery of the Germano Angelo will soon become a small museum and shop with an attached laboratory for the production of typical products whose ingredients come from the farm.

This house, which over the years has been combined with other activities such as post office and pharmacy, has always been, together with the castle, the heart of the town; under his balconies the “littorina” (photo 2) stopped and with it the men crowded to bargain the prices of the grapes, the truffle hunters roamed with their precious bundles and the faithful dogs, the children played to whom pulled the marble more near the wall (photo 4) and so the Germano family participated in the life of the town as from a theater gallery.

A singular feature, which gave its name to the hotel (Albergo Svizzero) was represented by the surface of the walls, in fact they were entirely painted offering a truly spectacular optical illusion: they seemed built with planks made from huge wooden trunks. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining a fresco of this kind was high and with the advent of the war the painting was lost (photo 6).

Only a small piece that came to light during the renovation of the house is visible in the bathroom of the green room.

During the renovations, an ancient handwritten notebook was found, on which there are some recipes, we want to imagine it belonged to the cook of the old hotel. These recipes have been transcribed for you in the section yesterday&today.