Tenuta Buon Tempo Brunello di Montalcino ‘Oliveto P.56’ DOCG 2018


The name given to our Brunello Selezione, “Oliveto P. 56”, derives from the number in the land registry of theplot of land on which our oldest vineyard lies, with vines that are approximately 25 years old, and from the name of the old farm, founded in the 1940s. From this vineyard, situated at 350 meters above sea level, only the smallest top-quality bunches are selected, to produce – following a painstaking process in the winery – a wine that is complex and elegant but also richly structured and long-lived, which represents to the full the level of quality of our terroir.

The “P.56” Riserva is produced only in outstanding years from the point of view of the climate and the quality of the fruit, from a selection of less than 10% of the finest grapes from the oldest vineyards. In its production, we follow the same philosophy as that applied to our other Brunellos, but extending the length of each phase and increasing the use of new oak, in order to enhance the grapes’ potential to the full. The result is a wine of great elegance,
structure and longevity which, over time, will express all the potential of our splendid terroir as well as the perfect weather of the years in which it is produced.


Color: Garnet, with highlights tending toward brick-red.
Bouquet: It is vigorous and youthful on the nose, with notes of red fruits;
balsamic yet ethereal.
Flavor: Dry, perfectly well-balanced, full, fleshy, austere yet velvety, with a hint of oak from its aging in barrel.
Harvest: Carried out by hand, from the end of September onwards.
Production:6,000 – 8,000 bottles, only in outstanding years.

Serving temperature: 18-20° C


Temperature-controlled vinification in stainless steel and fermentation with indigenous yeasts; long maceration (six weeks). Maturation for 3 years in large (20 and 35 hl) Slavonian oak casks.

Finally, the wine clears naturally by settling in stainless steel and is then left to rest for a minimum of 18 months in bottle before release onto the market.