Gomez Cruzado Pancrudo 2021


VINEYARDS 100% Garnacha from old bush-trained vines planted in Badarán (Upper Najerilla) with north orientation at 650m above the sea level.
HARVEST: Grapes were handpicked in 200 kg crates and hand sorted at the winery.
WINEMAKING: Traditional elaboration. Fermented in stainless steel gently plunging the cap to extract the noble compounds from the skins. Malolactic fermentation 65% in new French oak and 35% in egg-shaped concrete tanks.
SOIL: Red colored ferrous-clay soils in the rolling hills of Badarán.
CLIMATIC YEAR: The year began with the Filomena storm providing hydration to the vineyards followed by occasional frosts in April and storms in June. During summer, there was an almost total lack of precipitation during July and August, which is atypical, and maturation was accompanied by some water stress in warmer areas, but in good conditions in cooler regions. At the end of September in the warm areas, heavy rains made the harvest difficult in these early ripening areas, but greatly favoured the final maturation in higher areas. In sum, an excellent year for vineyards that were harvested at the normal time.