Gomez Cruzado Montes Obarenes 2021


VINEYARDS 25% Tempranillo Blanco from the surrounding area of Haro, 65% Viura, 5% Malvasía and the remaining 5% consisting of a blend of Garnacha Blanca and Calagraño from our vineyard Las Laderas de Ollauri.
HARVEST: Grapes were handpicked in 200 kg boxes and sorted by hand at the winery.
WINEMAKING: Fermented and aged on fine lees in new French oak barrel – 80% of the wine – and aged on fine lees in an ovoid concrete tank – 20% of the wine-.
SOIL: Vineyards grow in calcareous-clay soil with high limestone content.
CLIMATIC YEAR: The year began with the the arrival of the Filomena storm, bringing heavy snow and rain and providing hydration to the vineyards. Later, Spring saw occasio- nal frosts in April and numerous storms in June. During summer, there was an almost total lack of precipitation during July and August, which had not been seen before. The maturation was acommpanied by a period of water stress in warmer areas, but in very good conditions in cooler, higher regions. At the end of September and just before the harvest in the warm areas, there were heavy rains, which made harvest dificult in these early areas, but greatly favored the final maturation in the higher areas later. In summary, an excellent year for vineyards where it was possible to wait and harvest according to the normal schedule.