Germano Angelo Langhe D.O.C. Chardonnay Zoi – vineyard in La Morra 2022


Wine-making and ageing: After a meticulous selection in the vineyard, the entire grapes are pressed with a particular soft and delicate press. In this way we can obtain a very clear must in order to achieve during the fermentation exquisite and delicate aromas.
After the alcoholic fermentation we realize also the malolactic fermentation in order to make the wine even softer and more astringent.
This Chardonnay stays inside the barrels of 500 L made of french oak for about 8 months keeping the noble lees in suspension by means of stirring. The bottling is realized in August of the year following the harvest.

On view: deep straw yellow
Nose: The aroma is very pleasant and complex, it begins with scents of tropical fruits such as the pineapple, the banana, then one can feel fresh fruits such as apricot and apple in order to fade away later in the floral typical scents such as the hawthorn.
Palate: The taste is rich, glyceric, extraordinarily complete and fruity, very long-lasting in the mouth, at the end results delicate with a light vein of vanilla and chocolate, due to a particular toast of the casks.

It’s advisable to drink it at 8° -10° C temperature.