Doudet-Naudin Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons” 2022


Geographically isolated from the other vineyards in Burgundy; this area possesses a singularity, which comes from the originality of its ground “Kymméridgien” (shell and calcareous sediments & stones dating from 180 millions of years (Jurassic era) when the ocean was here. This 1er Cru Vaillons is harvested on the slopes of the left side just at the south West of the town of Chablis and traditionally give some very well balanced wines, each year with a wide and a regular quality.


The continental climate, hot in summer and very cold in winter, with sometimes some severe frosts in spring as well as the calcareous marls and sedimentary ground, allows producing an appreciated wine of character.


Traditional. Controlled temperatures of the musts. Racking of the musts. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. The maturation is systematically done in stainless vats for 8 months.


Behind her pretty colour of pale gold crystal with light green reflections, the nose of this Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons seduces with its finesse, its personality and also an elegant flavour development (fresh fruit, acacia with a touch of vanilla). On the palate it is characterized by a good density and structure straightforward. The wine presents a good volume while keeping freshness and distinction.


To keep 4-6 years. Temperature of service: 14-15°C

This Chablis 1er Cru is perfect to accompany all shellfishes and fishes. Of course in its youngest life, it will be a superb aperitif. It will successfully accompany a Carpaccio of St. Jacques, a slab of fresh cod or salmon steak with hollandaise. Do not forget a large pallet of cheeses (starting with a tasty fresh goat cheese. Some months again and it will be advisable for more sophisticated dishes and cook.