Cognac XO Prince Murat By Laurent Jouffe


Konjak on ilusa tumeda kuldse värvusega. Puuviljade harmooniline segu, milles on tunda mõruapelsini,  mandlit ning kuivatatud puuvilju. Aroom on elav, domineerivad on puidu ning vürtside lõhnad. Järelmaitses kulmineeruvad nahk ja tamm.


Prince Alain Murat is the descendant of Joachim Murat, the very famous general of Napoleon. He wanted to honor hisancestor , so he decided to create a very fine and elegant product which would reflect his history. To realize this project, he chose to work with the prestigious Cognac Laurent Jouffe. When he was young, his ancestor Joachim Murat (1767-1815) hesitated      between the duty to follow the traditional way of life chosen by his family, and the wish to open his mind to the novative ideas of his time. By making the choice to be a soldier and a rider, he demonstrated his courage and his temerity. He quickly progressed in the military hierarchy . Then, he met the famous Napoléon Bonaparte. He admired and was fascinated by this great man. This fascination brought him to devote his entire life to the nation, so that he finally became the most glorious officer of the Empire Army. Then, he married the sister of Napoleon, Caroline Bonaparte. For all his devotion and bravery, the Empire gave him the Honors and a Crown. Later, he became the King of Naples. At this time, the soldiers used to carry their sword on one side and a flask of Cognac on the other side. To honour the memory of this very brave man, and also the memory of these soldiers who are part of the History, we created this wonderful Cognac called “Prince Alain Murat, le Cognac des Cavaliers”, which means the Cognac of the horseriders, in line with the family tradition.