Germano Angelo Barbera d’Alba D.O.C. Villa Giovine – vineyard in La Soleggiata 2021


The wine is obtained from grapes Barbera produced in the vineyards situated in La Morra, in the areas particularly defined with calcareous and clayey soils.

Altitude: 250 – 280 meters a.s.l.

Total surface: 1 ha

Type of the soil: clayey calcareous sedimentary marls and in part – sandstones of grey-blue colour.

System of growing: traditional Guyot

Density of system: about 5.200 grapevines per hectare

Yield per hectare: 60 quintals

Average age of the grapevine: 20 years

Grape harvest: manual, realized in the middle of October.

The first year of production: 1998

Alcoholic gradation: 14% – 14,5% vol. in relation to the year.

Wine-making and ageing: The wine-making begins in rotary fermenters made of stainless steel with a fermentation of the wine for 6-8 days at 30-32°C temperature, proceeding with a malolactic fermentation and a period of aging for making wine limpid in stainless steel.
Therefore the wine is bottled and inserted on the market after at least 6 months of standing in the bottle.

Curiosity: This Barbera is produced only during the years particularly defined, so that the concentrations of colour, structure and alcohol become appropriate for the ageing in tanks made of stainless steel, in this way we obtain the product of good longevity, even for 12-15 years.



On view: ruby red purple, almost impenetrable.
Nose: the aroma is intense and complex with scents of blueberry, licorice that evolve to chestnut honey with balsamic shades.
Palate: Great concentration and flavour duration, the good acidity and the considerable alcoholic strength give warmth and softness.

It’s advisable to drink it at 18-20° C temperature.

Gastronomic combinations: One of the best combinations is with the “bagna càuda”, typical gastronomic speciality of the cuisine of Piedmont based on garlic, extra virgin olive oil and desalinated anchovies; excellent with first courses of egg pasta and rice, braised or grilled red meats; it’s ideal also with medium-aged cheeses. It’s perfect in a glass with platters of cold cuts and snacks.